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The Kerala International Centre (KIC) is an independent foreign policy think tank, which has been functioning in Trivandrum for nearly seven years. We have been in touch with your predecessors and we have been given some assignments for MEA's outreach programmes.

 Bilateral relations at a low in the recent past
 India’s Grouses

    a. NSG stone walling

    b. Intransigence by blocking the listing of Masood Azhar.

    c. CPEC section of OBOR

    China’s Grouses

Mr.Sathiyamoorthy  was the guest speaker and he presented his analysis on the situation in               Sri Lanka and Maldives . An active discussion followed . Major points are given below :

Sri Lanka

Professor Samuel Wineburg , Fulbright Distinguished Chair, Director of Stanford History Education Group having extensive experience in research work on “ Goals of Social Justice and Psychology of learning “ gave talk on the topic “ Why History is important “ .

Professor Walter Russell Mead gave a speech on the subject “ India’s Regional role seen from US perspective”. 

The meeting was attended by around 25 members . TPS  made a brief statement on Indo –US relations based upon his discussions in Washington and C.M.A.Nayar made a brief introduction on the situation in Egypt. There was  very active discussions on both the topics.

The discussions were centered around the contents of the Joint Statement and the press briefings by the Indian and Chinese PMs. 
1 ) The opinions of the members were divided on the Joint Statement .

Dr. Gawdat Bahgat is a professor in Security Strategy in the National Defence University ,Washington .He made a brief presentation on the situation in the Middle East and a probable scenario for future .

As was announced , members discussed the issues related to the Saudi law NITAQAT for local employment as well as the situation in theKorean peninsula.
Saudi Situation
C.M.A.Nayarpresented the details as was circulated in his mail . 

1 )Mr.Prasad Chandran made the presentation on the topic “Sustainability in Business during challenging times “ .

Because of the long holiday weekend , the attendance was thin ( 8 members ). However, the discussions were lively
1 ) It was decided that the agenda item for an evaluation of the world events in 2012 may be taken up during  a subsequent meeting

Presentation by the visitors 



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