KIC Statement on India-Pakistan Situation

Published On : Tue, 20 Jan 2009


The Kerala International Centre (KIC) has been discussing the Mumbai terrorist attack and it aftermath. In the spirit of providing its inputs to the Government, the press and the public in general, KIC has issued the below statement today. Please give it the widest possible publicity by carrying it in the media, forwarding it to contacts and including it in your blogs. Any feedback will be welcome. 

Carry out surgical strikes at terrorist camps in the event of another attack, urges Kerala International Centre, Trivandrum.

Commends the Government for steely determination and restraint.

In a statement released today, January 20, 2009, the Kerala International Centre (KIC) has urged the Government to carry out surgical strikes at terrorist camps in the event of another attack from Pakistan soil. Following is the text of the statement:

Like the rest of the nation, still reeling under the shock, horror and anguish over the terrorist attack on Mumbai, the Kerala International Centre (KIC) has been following events and discussing ways and means to deal with the situation and to prevent such dastardly attacks in the future. At a full day conference on foreign policy on December 13, 2008 several experts shared their thoughts with us. The nation is united in the face of this affront to India's sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and development. Every citizen of India has the duty to contribute to the thinking of the Government on retaliatory and remedial measures which are necessary to meet the threat. It is in this spirit that the KIC is making this statement.

Having observed the nature of the crime and examined the evidence available so far, we have absolutely no doubt that Pakistan has virtually unleashed a war on us on November 26, 2008. Unlike stray bomb blasts and killings, this was in the nature of a brazen, well-prepared and rehearsed attack, masterminded by Pakistan military aimed to hurt our growth and increasing global stature. The choice of Mumbai and targeting of foreigners point clearly to an attempt to undermine our economic development. Convincing evidence to establish Pakistan's complicity in the attack has been given to the international community. The nation expects the Government to give a befitting reply to this challenge and to prevent recurrence.

We commend the Government of India for approaching the situation with a mix of steely determination and restraint. While keeping all our options open, India has rightly focused on containing the damage,investigating the crime, conveying the facts to the international community and demanding action on the part of Pakistan. The Government has been cautious even in deploying the diplomatic weapons at its command to ensure that our retaliation is measured and consistent with the actions of Pakistan. The Government has set clear objectives--bringing the criminals to Indian justice, dismantling of terrorist camps in Pakistan and preventing any further attacks. These objectives must be pursued vigourously.

While the reaction of the international community has been generally helpful, India cannot depend on others to help us obtain our objectives. Other nations may have their own agendas, which may hurt our interests. They are likely to use the opportunity to meddle in our internal or bilateral issues. We need to maintain the pressure on Pakistan and maintain it consistently to carry credibility with the
international community. If business sanctions have no effect, we should not hesitate to recall our High Commissioner, suspend the composite dialogue and abandon the so-called confidence building measures. There should also be increased vigilance and heightened preparedness on the border and the coastline. Another effective way is to strengthen and equip our armed forces and enhance its deterrent capacity without delay.

The real test of the success of our steps and our pressure on Pakistan lies in preventing further attacks. If it does stage another attack despite the diplomatic measures that we are taking and the international pressure, immediate surgical strikes against the terrorist camps in Pakistan must be carried out.

We would also wish to underline the importance of the new laws and preventive measures the Government is taking to eliminate terrorism, whatever its origins. Concrete and effective steps have to be taken at state, city and local levels, without violating the fundamental rights of citizens. Cooperation between the various agencies needs to be strengthened to avoid intelligence failures in the future. A mass movement is necessary to educate the public and to make every citizen participate in the fight against terrorism. This is particularly important in the context of evidence of collusion of some misguided local elements in terrorist activities. The KIC stands ready to participate in any programme designed to rid India of the threat of terrorism for all time to come.


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